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Healthy Summer Homemade Treats

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Healthy Summer Home Made Treats

With the long Summer days ahead and the kids out of school it can be difficult to come up with healthy treats that the kids will love. Here are a few suggestions to help you through.

There are a few healthy options when it comes to real fruit popsicles on the market but it is also fun and easy to make your own. Popsicle molds can be found at your favorite discount stores.

Yogurt pops- Mix up your favorite all fruit yogurt, pour into molds and freeze.

Fruit pops-Add 2 cups of your favorite frozen berry to a blender, add 2-3 tbsp milk, and 2 tsp honey. Blend well and pour into molds. Freeze.

Fun Ice
Place your favorite berry in ice cube trays and cover with water. Freeze and you have FUN ICE! Your kids will be begging to have a glass of ice water.

Bugs on a log
Fill celery with Organic peanut butter and top with raisins and chocolate chips

Fruit/Yogurt Fondue
Who doesn’t love a little dippin!Choose three of your favorite fruits-Apples, bananas, and strawberries. Rinse well and cut into big slices for dipping. For fondue stir together 1 cup vanilla greek yogurt (any flavor yogurt will do) with 1/2 cup real whip cream.

Homemade Trail Mix
Mix together equal parts: almonds, pecans, raisin, dried apricots(sliced), Craisens Add in a small amount of chocolate chips for an added treat

Homemade Cinnamon/Sugar Microwave Popcorn
Take 1/2 cup popcorn kernels, add to brown paper lunch bag, fold top of bag over a couple of times and tape closed. Microwave 2-3 minutes or until there is a 5 sec delay of popping. Once done popping open bag and shake in 2 tsp each of organic cane sugar and cinnamon. Reseal bag and shake well.