Clean Eating Grocery List

These are things I keep on hand so I always have something available for lunch and dinner.

School Lunch! Ugh!

I do not know about you guys but why is buying school lunch so freaking cool to kids?Why are they dying to eat a chicken patty, corn, salad, and a roll at school but will not even meditate on the idea of eating that at home?The only answer I can come up with is that they know it makes us moms crazy and they LOVE to make us crazy. I completely agree with the majority of the U.S. population that our government school lunch system is a total travesty. That being said, I also understand how badly my children want to eat that crappy food with the rest of their friends. Just like you I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I have thought about aligning my mom troops to come to an agreement that none of us would partake but then…. I see Jake fall in love with his mama all over again when I say, “Yes, you can buy school lunch tomorrow.” Ya I know, the wellness coach, real foodie, clean eating nurse is WEAK! Those boys can work me like nobodies business. So do not judge me! ;)

So how I handle this in our house is I allow Jake to buy lunch when it is Pizza day. Cardboard with red sauce and cheese, wilted iceberg lettuce salad, mandarin orange slices, and a scooby treat (I have no freaking idea??), oh and milk.

There is however one stipulation, Jake must only get plain milk. He knows that I have hired Ninja’s (mom friends) that secretly watch him and in the event of a chocolate milk substitution he will be immediately swooped up and brought to me. He is not willing to risk the Ninja swoop. This scare tactic works because one day last year he substituted chocolate milk and my good friend spilled the beans to me in a text message (fyi-Jake got chocolate milk at lunch today, knowing you I am thinking that isn’t allowed, LOL) (tattle tail right?, I love it!).

When I picked him up from school his seat belt was barely snapped when I said, “ did you think chocolate milk was a good choice today?” Mouth open and giant eyes he paused and said, No. More silence and then said, Mommy how did you know? My response, Ninja’s…. I have them everywhere. (Evil laugh). So from that point on it was plain milk. However, I am waiting for the retest this year because I know he wonders if I hired them again. :)

So all that being said I pick one meal a week from the menu that I can live with, Jake is happy, I am a rockstar, and I just soup up the veggies at that nights dinner to help digest the cardboard.

How about you guys?? What do y’all do???