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5 Power Foods to Boost Metabolism

Many of my readers know that I am a huge fan of the Super Foods! The foods we consume that are full of the good stuff. I came across an article written by Kimberly Daly in Shape magazine that discussed 5 metabolism boosting foods. Had to share it with my peeps!

    1. Green Tea- Contains epigallocatechin which is a nervous system stimulator. The great thing about it is that it stimulates the nervous system without elevating your heart rate. The Journal of Nutrition reports that people who drank green tea and exercised regularly burned more calories than those who did not. Three cups a day can burn an extra 80 calories.
    2. Rolled Oats- They not only keep you full longer, these whole grain super foods take more energy to digest, so your body burns more calories when you eat them.
    3. Hot Peppers- Hot peppers are full of a chemical called, capsaicin. Molly Morgan R.D. reports that a spicy meal can increase your metabolism by up to 25% for three hours after you have eaten it.
    4. Grapefruit- The grapefruit contains naringenin, an antioxidant that researchers at the Scripps Clinic in California found helps your body use insulin more efficiently. When your body uses insulin efficiently it revs up the calorie burn.
    5. Tuna- Full of Omega-3 fatty acids, which stimulate the production of leptin. Leptin is a hormone that increases the feeling of fullness and revs up your metabolism. Alyse Levine R.D., recommends adding tuna, salmon, mackerel, herring, and sardines to your diet for a good source of Leptin.