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Protein vs. Carbs


Protein vs Carbs

One of the most common questions I get is, What is the scoop on proteins and carbs? Why do we need both and do we really need both? Is low carb a good idea? So here is the deal…..

Proteins are the machine that makes all living things function. Every cell contains thousands of proteins which work together as tiny machines to run the cell. Picture a car engine, multiple parts that work together to make the engine run. Proteins are REQUIRED for cells to grow and repair themselves.


Protein is required to build healthy muscle and it feeds the body in a slower more focused fashion.

Examples of good protein: Lean meat, eggs, yogurt, nuts, beans.

Carbohydrates are best described as simple fuel. It breaks down in the body in the form of glucose to feed the body quickly. It is the IDEAL quick source of energy for our bodies. Carbohydrates are a necessary fuel for our body and provide energy for our cells to work.

Complex vs. Simple Carbs

Simple carbs turn to glucose quicker which does not allow for full nutrient potential. Examples of simple carbs are white sugar, white breads, and processed foods.

Complex carbs are a slowly digested carb that still turns to glucose but allows the body to utilize the nutrients they contain. Examples of complex carbs are fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Carbs provide energy to our cells to assist the protein in the repair of our muscles and our brain.


*So the question, Is low carb ideal or is high protein better is a pretty simple one to answer if you understand how both work. The body requires both in order to function at its best. The ideal diet is filled with a balance between complex carbohydrates and lean protein.

The only time this ratio should change is if you are training for a marathon or hoping to build more muscle mass. When doing extensive cardio workouts your body requires the excess complex carb to help with quick processed energy. When lifting weights the excess protein before and after your muscle training helps to build and repair the muscle fibers stressed during heavy lifting.